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Allegiant Health Care of Mesa Cited for Substandard Quality of Care

To figure out how the nursing home you have chosen for your family is rated and to see if the home has any prior violations, check out our nursing home index. We’ve compiled all of the nursing homes in Arizona as well as their health code reports.

Additionally, take a look at our Nursing Home Glossary– an index of important words you need to know in a nursing home abuse case and their definitions.

As of August, 2019, Allegiant HealthCare of Mesa, a for-profit, 204-bed facility, has a health inspection rating of well below average due to seven separate violations during this reporting

Failed to ensure administration of medications met professional standards of quality. (F 0658)

Medication administration problems were observed with regards to three different residents. These involved giving patients medications outside of the physician’s orders, adn leaving a patient to self-administer medication when this was not in the care plan.

Failed to ensure residents received the necessary care and services to promote healing
and/or prevent new pressure ulcers. (F 0686)

Four residents failed to receive the proper care needed to prevent new pressure ulcers. 23 residents were observed with pressure ulcers greater than stage one.

Failed to ensure clinical indications for the use of an indwelling catheter resulting in its unnecessary use

Failed to ensure residents received ostomy care in accordance with professional standards of practice.

This resulted in untimely waste removal, unpleasant odor and skin breakdown. The facility had twelve residents requiring ostomy care.

Failed to ensure pain medication parameters were followed.

The result of this was that unnecessary pain medication was given, a failure to identify new pressure ulcers, lack of assessments done on existing ulcers, and preventative measures not being applied.

Fire Safety Inspectors determined that building had Service Deficiencies; Smoke Deficiencies; Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems Deficiencies.

Lack of Pressure Ulcer treatment Led to Substandard Quality of Care

The condition of Substandard Quality of Care was identified for Allegiant as a result of the severity of the pressure ulcer citation above. The Substandard Quality of Care refers to a regulatory term suggesting that there are serious deficiencies which fall well below those outlined in federal regulations 42CFR 483.13 (resident behavior and facility practices), 42CFR 483.15 (quality of life), or 42CFR 483.25 (quality of care).

The care and prevention of pressure ulcers includes steps like regular turning, skin care regimes and nutrition. Nurses and staff in care facilities typically need to offer intense and consistent care to residents in order to monitor pressure ulcers and ensure that they don’t get worse.

Untreated bed sores can lead to a number of issues, including infections, gangrene and even death.

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