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A bars responsibility in Arizona dram shop

Every year in Arizona there are hundreds of accidents caused by drivers who are drunk or under the influence, many of which end in fatalities. In 2017, 48% of these DUI accidents were recorded as having injured someone which is a huge number of people. If you’ve been involved in an accident where a drunk driver has hit you and you’re now wondering ‘where do I even start with filing a lawsuit?!’ you may not be aware of the law in Arizona; the dram shop liability.

Our experienced attorneys have represented many clients who were unaware of their own rights when it came to finding someone responsible for their car accident with a DUI driver. We wanted to share our own experiences and knowledge to help raise awareness about dram shop liability and why your case could be considered for this.

Dram shop liability 101

Perhaps you were enjoying dinner with family or relaxing after a round of golf and you’ve sat across from someone who was clearly enjoying one too many drinks- and then they get behind the wheel of their car. It becomes a moral dilemma- do you step in and say something to the driver or should the bar owner speak up? The next time you see something like this, think dram shop liability and look to the bar or restaurant who is also responsible. It can seem like an extreme line of punishment to hold the bar, shop or restaurant should be held accountable too but when it comes to preventing DUI accidents, our laws take it very seriously.

Serving the toughest punishments in America to DUI drivers

As a state, Arizona has the harshest punishments in the US on drivers who are found guilty of driving under the influence, with mandatory jail time and licenses being suspended for over a year. Our own attorneys here at Thompson Law know a lot about the dram shop liability law which considers the role and responsibility that the shop providing the alcohol to the driver who then went on to cause an accident. Whilst it may be a shared responsibility, a good accident lawyer will help identify where your particular case will be 

We’ve previously covered dram shop liability and shared some of our previous cases that our attorneys have represented for clients. It helps share both the responsibility of serving alcohol to someone who then causes an accident, as well as support victims of these crashes that happen through no fault of their own.

Our experienced team of lawyers is very familiar with this liability our state law places on commercial places that serve alcohol and would be able to defend your case to the end, under this plea. The dram shop liability exists for the sole purpose of protecting people just like you from enduring any further suffering from an accident that wasn’t your fault.

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