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Thompson Law is one of Arizona’s leading law firms, with offices in both Phoenix and Chandler.

We represent residents across the state of Arizona, including in major towns and cities like:

Does it matter if you live outside of Arizona?

Not always, if your injury or accident occurred in Arizona but you live out of the state we can still take your case. This is the same if:

  • You have an auto-accident in Arizona but your permanent residence is outside Arizona
  • You suspect your loved one has suffered abuse in an Arizona nursing home, but you lived elsewhere
  • You believe your loved one’s death could have been prevented and they lived in a nursing home in Arizona.

In these scenarios we can still represent you, take on your case and pursue legal action through the Arizona courts.

In fact, in many of our cases there is no need for you to visit our offices in Arizona at all. At Thompson Law we:

  • Offer free online video consultations
  • Can send your legal documents to sign by email
  • Answer your calls 24/7

This means if you live out of state we can conduct your case remotely without it impeding the quality of our service.