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The oldest of three siblings with a seven-year age gap between her and her brothers left Christy in charge (kind of like the ‘80s show “Charles in Charge”—but with Christy as the titular character). Living in Reno, Nevada, a place where the boys could find trouble in a multitude of places, Christy kept order and peace at home. Perhaps it was when she found herself continually pleading their case—especially after they were arrested for being on the casino side of the brand-new Circus Circus—that Christy began to think of herself as a future attorney.During that crazy time, when she discovered her brothers tied up on the curb next to a police cruiser, was when Christy felt the need to right the wrong she saw before her. While her family was apprehensive to get involved in the legal system, Christy was just the opposite. She was eager to learn. Through that learning, she began to feel a burning desire to advocate for those who couldn’t advocate for themselves.

That passion for doing the right thing continued in college. Christy was a champion debater and honed her skills not only in the classroom but as a voice for victims. She graduated from the University of Nevada at Reno with double bachelor’s degrees in political science and English and then moved on to Willamette University School of Law to receive her J.D.Christy launched Thompson Law Firm in 2005, armed with the idea that if she owned her own firm, she could steer the ship and create her vision of helping people. Specializing in automobile accident cases with a focus on the victims of drunk driving has enabled her to bring that vision to life.


  • Willamette University College of Law, Salem, Oregon
    • J.D. – 1997
  • University of Reno
    • B.A.
    • Major: Political Science
    • Major: English



Eric Brink


As a child, Eric wanted to be a professional athlete, but in his late teens, he started to have an interest in the legal field. In a way, he combined those two passions by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and management from California College for Health Sciences.

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Connie Mehlberg

Senior Pre-litigation Paralegal

Growing up around police officers helped Connie to realize that she was destined for a career upholding the law. Since her family was also full of active military members and veterans, she was leaning in that direction, working as a public servant.

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Amy Wallace


Growing up, Amy envisioned herself first as an oceanographer, then as an acclaimed writer of fiction, and finally as a vintner with her own winery. Funny how life doesn’t always turn out as you might have thought initially—but it all seems to work out just as it should.

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Accident Lawyer

Ruby Torres


Ruby Torres knew what her calling was early on. At the tender age of 12, she decided on the path of becoming an attorney. Her goal was to protect those she saw as being vulnerable, to give them a voice. In fact, at one point, her aspirations grew to become a judge and preside over courtroom situations.

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