Recent Cases: Christy Thompson

Trucking Accident: $312,000

The client was hit while driving along the 202 in Gilbert, AZ. She was rear-ended at a high rate of speed by a tractor trailer that was driving without brakes. The accident resulted in a seven-car pile-up on the freeway. The case was settled when both parties attended a mediation after a suit was filed.

Car Accident: $212,500

A 67 year old woman was stopped at stop sign in Sun Lakes, AZ when she was rear-ended. Her vehicle showed very little sign of damage. Only her trailer hitch had been hit. After a month of conservative treatment of her neck injury, she went into surgery for a neck fusion. We proved in litigation that the minor impact caused the need for a the neck surgery. The case settled in mediation after a suit was filed.

Wrongful Death: $215,000

In Chandler, AZ, the client was killed by a driver who was on prescription drugs at the time. Her husband and two minor daughters hired the Thompson Law Firm to represent them in their wrongful death suit. We assisted the family in both civil and criminal aspects of the case.

Minor Injured in Auto Accident: $112,000

The client was driving with her mother when they were both injured in an accident. The client suffered soft tissue injuries, and her mother passed away. The Thompson Law Firm helped the client’s family with the civil and criminal sides of the case.

Bicycle Accident: $100,000

While on a bicycle in Casa Grande, AZ, the client was side-swiped by a vehicle passing her. She was taken by an ambulance to the Chandler Regional Medical Facility. After treatment for her injuries, she was found to have a broken leg and permanent nerve damage. The Thompson Law Firm obtained all available insurance policies and negotiated with them to pay their entire policies.