Recent Cases: Christy Thompson

Wrongful Death: $800,000

A 76 year old grandfather, husband and father was killed driving back home after buying groceries in Mesa, AZ. The at-fault driver, also 76 years old, had taken Ambien before driving and was charged with negligent homicide. The Thompson Law Firm represented his surviving family members; his wife, sons and daughters in the civil matter and assisted them throughout criminal proceedings.

Pedestrian Accident: $325,000

The client, a 70 year old retiree, was on his morning walk when he was hit in a crosswalk in Chandler AZ. He was care flighted to the hospital where he remained for 11 days. He suffered a broken leg and fractured arm. The driver for the landscaping company initially claimed he was jaywalking and the Chandler police did not cite the driver. Thompson Law firm proved the driver was at fault for failing to stop and the insurance company agreed to pay all medical bills and for future care.

Pedestrian Accident: $350,000

The client was walking to her mailbox in Gilbert, AZ when her neighbor turned a corner and hit her. She suffered second degree burns, a fractured hand, and numerous skin lacerations around her neck. Her face was permanently scarred. The Thompson Law Firm made both the at-fault driver and the client’s own auto insurance pay their full policies.

Hit and Run Accident: $100,000

A 38 year old accountant, mother and wife was traveling on the US 60 in Tempe, AZ when a driver came off the on ramp and pushed her vehicle into oncoming traffic. Although the vehicle didn’t make any contact with her car, its erratic driving forced her into the median and ultimately into oncoming traffic. Through Thompson Law Firm’s investigative work, we were able to prove the phantom driver existed and collected on all available auto policies for our client.

Bicycle Accident: $85,000

The client was riding his bicycle to the end of his street, when oncoming traffic turned into him and threw him over the windshield of the car. The Thompson Law Firm pursued this case to the fullest, getting a fair settlement for our client.