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About Thompson Law Firm

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We combine experience with a passion for helping the people of Arizona fight for justice.

Thompson Law Firm has been representing accident victims and their families across Arizona since 2005 and has offices in both Chandler and Phoenix.

We advocate for victims’ rights and collect compensation for those injured as a result of the negligence of others.

Our team

Thompson Law is made up of a dedicated team of legal experts, led by our founder Christy Thompson, who established the firm back in 2005.

Christy has a formidable track record pursuing justice for clients across Arizona. She has made it priority for her firm to support clients, before, during and after the legal case is resolved.

You can find out more about Christy and the Thompson Law Firm team here.

Why us?

We believe any injury or loss of life that could have been prevented is more than a legal matter. For every case we take on we support our clients to achieve the best outcome possible, to that end:

  • Our attorneys work directly on your case from day one
  • We have an open policy on fees. No surprises.
  • Given our limited caseload, you’ll get extra attention at a time you need it most.
  • We use the latest technology to communicate with you, including via video calls and e-signature software.

We also pride ourselves on sourcing the right experts to support your legal case should it go to court, we regularly work with:

  • medical professionals
  • financial analysts
  • bio-mechanical engineers
  • private investigators
  • accident reconstruction experts

Why Our Clients Trust Us

When you choose Thompson Law Firm, you get more than just an attorney.

You’ll also have a team of professionals working around the clock to advocate for you.

Our client-first attitude, transparency, and work ethic are why we get such good outcomes.

All we want is the best possible outcome for you.

We’re here to answer your questions

Whether you’re worried about a relative in care or have just suffered a traumatic auto accident we know getting the right help quickly is crucial. We can help you resolve issues with:

  • Immediate medical treatment to help you recover from your injuries
  • Car rentals while your vehicle is being repaired
  • Questions about lost wages from missing work

Request a free consultation

You can get a free consultation with one of our attorneys either in person or by phone. Just call us at 480-634-7480 or email us.