Arm & Leg Injuries in Auto Accident Injury Claim Cases

What Does A Settlement Include in an Arm & Leg Injury Auto Accident Case?


Auto Accident Injury Claim Victim: “E.K.” (all names are changed for privacy) 47 years old, male.

The Date of Accident: The accident occurred on January 19, 2016, at around 3:46 p.m.

Accident Location: The accident happened on East Guadalupe Road just east of the intersection at Kyrene Road, in Tempe Arizona.

Description of the Accident:  E.K. was riding his bicycle eastbound on Guadalupe Road in the designated bike lane.  The at-fault driver was driving his four-door sedan eastbound on Guadalupe Road when he went to turn right into a gas station.  As the at-fault driver started his turn into the gas station, he collided with E.K. who was riding in the bike lane to the right.  As a result, E.K. went over the handlebars of his bicycle, hit the hood of the at-fault driver’s car and fell to the ground.  Witnesses reported several teenagers getting out of the car after the accident and running off.  The Tempe Police Department responded to the accident, conducted an investigation, and cited the driver who hit E.K.

The Tempe Police interviewed several witnesses and received a statement from the at-fault driver that he did not see E.K. when he turned. But, he admitted that he did hit E.K. with his car.


The at-fault party was cited at the scene for violating A.R.S. § 28-754A, improper turn.  “A person shall not turn a vehicle at an intersection unless the vehicle is in proper position on the roadway as required in section 28-751, or turn a vehicle to enter a private road or driveway or otherwise turn a vehicle from a direct course or move right or left on a roadway unless and until the movement can be made with reasonable safety. A person shall not so turn any vehicle without giving an appropriate signal in the manner provided by this article in the event any other traffic may be affected by the movement.”

Property Damage: At the time of the accident, E.K.’s bicycle was only a few months old.  The total value of the bicycle was $2,787.16.  E.K. was given $1,300 to settle his property damage claim.  The property damage settlement was reached just over seven months after the date of the accident.


How Medical Treatment Impacted E.K.’s Auto Accident Injury Claim.

Medical Treatment: The same day the accident occurred, E.K. presented to Urgent Care Extra where he was diagnosed with a contusion of the left forearm, left hand, right knee and left ankle plus abrasion of the left hand. He was administered Tetanus and Toradol shots and was applied cold packs to the affected regions. Thus, he was prescribed pain medications.

Just over a week after the accident occurred, E.K. presented to Eric. K. Cerre, NMD. Dr. Cerre diagnosed E.K. with a contusion of the left forearm, left hand and right knee, abrasion of the left forearm, right knee sprain/strain, lumbar sprain/strain and myofascitis. In order to control E.K.’s pain, Dr. Cerre administered two Lidocaine and Marcaine trigger point injections to E.K.’s posterior aspect of his left wrist and in his lower back.  E.K. was treated a total of three times by Dr. Cerre over the course of two weeks.

Pursuant to Dr. Cerre’s recommendation, E.K. had bilateral x-rays done on both his right and left hand.  The x-rays revealed no abnormalities.


Total Medical Bills: E.K.’s total medical bills were $ 2,012.44.

Lost Wages: E.K. did not make an auto accident injury claim for lost wages as a result of this accident.

Health Insurance: E.K. had health insurance at the time of the accident and used it to defray some of the upfront costs of medical care as a result of this accident.

Client’s Car Insurance: Because this accident involved a bicycle rather than an automobile, E.K. did not have an applicable personal car insurance policy from which to draw additional compensation or an auto accident injury claim.

At-Fault Car Insurance: The at-fault driver had car insurance through American Access Casualty Company.  Hence, American Access Casualty Company accepted full liability of this case.

Final Settlement: E.K.’s total bodily injury settlement was $4,000.  Further, E.K. received $1,300 for the property damage claim.  Settlement took just over seven months to be reached in this matter.


In conclusion, E.K. was pleased with the results of this auto accident injury claim case.  He was able to receive the treatment necessary to return him to the state of wellness he was in prior to the accident and have his bicycle repaired at no cost to himself.  Ultimately E.K. received around $2,700.00 for both his bodily injury and his property damage settlement, the balance going to pay his medical bills and attorney’s fees and costs.

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