Arm injuries Leg Injuries in Auto Accident Cases

Arm Injuries and Leg Injuries in Auto Accidents, What Do They Settle For?


Auto Accident Victim: “S.R.” (all names are changed for privacy), 61 years old, male who suffered arm injuries and leg injuries.

Accident Date: The accident occurred on July 28, 2014, around 8:00 a.m. in Mesa, Arizona, during a funeral procession when S.R. when his motorcycle was hit and he sustained arm injuries and leg injuries.

Location of the Accident: The accident happened on SR-202 at MP-20 in Mesa, Arizona.

Accident Description

S.R. was driving a 2011 Harley Davidson motorcycle on SR-202 as part of a funeral procession.  The road guards had gone on ahead to help slow traffic for the funeral procession.  S.R. had been told to stop near the gore point and as he slowed to a stop, the motorcycle behind him collided with his motorcycle and continue on to hit a third motorcycle in the procession.  The at-fault driver saw the two motorcycles in front of him stop but was unable to stop himself in time.

The driver who was at-fault attempted to squeeze by S.R., but wasn’t able to, hit S.R. and then went into a spin and hit the second motorcycle, taking the motorcycle out with him.  The at-fault driver admitted that he didn’t stop in time to avoid colliding with the other motorcycles.  The highway patrol arrived on scene to investigate and interviewed all three men involved in the accident.  S.R.’s motorcycle was towed from the scene of the accident.  S.R. was transported for medical treatment as a result of the accident.  S.R. was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Citation: No citation was issued as a result of this accident.

Property Damage: The repairs to S.R.’s motorcycle totaled around $7,000.00


How Medical Treatment Impacted S.R.’s Arm Injuries and Leg Injuries.

Medical Treatment:  Immediately following the collision, S.R. was transported to Mountain Vista Medical center with full spinal immobilization. At the emergency room, he was diagnosed with shoulder contusion, elbow contusion, hand contusion, lower leg contusion, foot contusion and soft tissue contusion. He was administered Morphine and Zofran injections.

Several weeks after the accident, S.R. presented to Mezona Orthopedic where he was diagnosed with achilles tendinitis and calcaneal spur. He was provided heel pads. On a follow-up Visit with Mezona Orthopedic, S.R. was diagnosed with Hallux rigidus. S.R. was administered Cortisone injection and given prescriptions for pain medications.  The doctors recommended S.R. start wearing hard soled shoes, and advised ice application to the injection site.  S.R. treated for over a month, a total of four visits, with Mezona Orthopedic.

The Second Opinion

S.R. went to AACI Foot, Leg & Ankle Care to receive a second opinion regarding his left foot and ankle. He was diagnosed with multiple foot symptoms secondary to injury, degenerative joint disease, chondral wear joint space narrowing cystic formation, fractured fibular sesamoid bone and compensating gait pattern. S.R. was treated with conservative treatment included a series of two corticosteroid injection. He was also prescribed functional orthoses. Further, S.R. was recommended to undergo surgical intervention.  S.R. treated for over a month, a total of four visits, with AACI Foot, Leg & Ankle Care.

Additionally, S.R. began treatment with Gilbert Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic and was diagnosed with cervicalgia, Lumbalgia, myalgia and spasm of muscles. He was treated with a course of chiropractic therapy. S.R. treated for just under 3 months, a total of 16 visits, with Gilbert Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic.

Additional Symptoms

In addition to his physical symptoms, S.R. was experiencing some psychological effects of the accident. S.R. presented to Arizona Trauma Counseling where he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorder, and deferred pain. He was treated with cognitive behavioral therapy.  S.R. treated for about a month, a total of four visits, with Arizona Trauma Counseling.


Total Medical Bills: S.R.’s total medical bills were approximately $29,971.72.

Lost Wages: S.R. did not claim lost wages as a result of this accident.  However, S.R. did make a loss of consortium claim due to his in ability to continue his daily activities, participate in family outings, and help his wife around the house.

Health Insurance: S.R. did have health insurance at the time of this accident and did use his health insurance during treatment.  The value of S.R.’s claim was not affected by the use of health insurance during treatment.

Client’s Car Insurance: S.R. had car insurance at the time of the accident through Western Agricultural Insurance Company.  Because of the severity of S.R.’s injuries, S.R. received $16,000.00 from his own Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Policy, around 14 months after the date of the accident.

At-Fault Car Insurance: Foremost Insurance Group.  Foremost Insurance Group accepted liability in this accident.  Foremost paid S.R. $41,218.72 to settle this claim, around 10 months after the date of the accident.

Final Settlement: S.R.’s total settlement was $57,218.72.  This settlement includes the $41,218.72 paid by the at-fault driver’s car insurance and the $16,000.00 paid by S.R.’s own car insurance from the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Policy.


In conclusion, S.R. was pleased with the results of this case.  He had significant injuries following this accident, and was able to physically and mentally recover so he could resume his daily activities without pain or fear.  S.R. treated intermittently for around 10 months.  Ultimately S.R. received over $35,000.00 for his bodily injuries in this settlement, the balance paying his medical bills and attorneys fees and costs.

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