Soft Tissue Damage in Auto Arizona Accident Case


Auto Accident Victim: “C.C.” (all names are changed for privacy), 41 years old, female.

Accident Date: The accident occurred on December 9, 2015 around 3:00 in the afternoon.

The Accident Location: The accident happened on Hunt Highway at Alma School Road in Sun Lakes, Arizona.

Accident Description:  C.C. was driving a white Honda Accord westbound on Hunt Highway with her son riding in the passenger seat.  She came to a full stop at the stop sign intersection with Alma School Road.  Just prior to heading into the intersection, C.C. noticed a black vehicle coming up behind her at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle applied its brakes, but was unable to avoid rear ending C.C.’s vehicle.  After hitting C.C.’s vehicle, the at-fault driver hit and knocked over the stop sign as well.

C.C. pulled through the intersection and parked.  The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene of the Arizona accident and conducted an investigation.  The at-fault driver told the Sheriff’s Department that he had been distracted by his cell phone and not looked up in time to stop.  After speaking with C.C., her son, and the at-fault driver, the Sheriff’s Department determined that the at-fault driver had failed to control speed to avoid collision. So, no one involved in the Arizona accident needed immediate medical attention and both vehicles were incapacitated and towed from the scene.

Citation: The at-fault driver was cited at the scene with violating A.R.S. 28-701A, failure to control speed to avoid a collision. “A person shall not drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances, conditions and actual and potential hazards then existing. A person shall control the speed of a vehicle as necessary to avoid colliding with any object, person, vehicle or other conveyance on, entering or adjacent to the highway in compliance with legal requirements and the duty of all persons to exercise reasonable care for the protection of others.”

DIRECTLY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: How Medical Treatment Impacted C.C.’s Auto Arizona Accident Claim.

Medical Treatment: Two days after the collision, C.C. presented to HealthSource Chiropractic where She was evaluated for headaches and pain in her neck, left shoulder and back following the collision. She described her pain as frequent, aching and pounding, associated with stiffness, fatigue and muscle cramps. C.C. reported that her pain was aggravated by sneezing, stooping, prolonged sitting and repetitive movements. She stated that her pain interfered with her daily work. She had difficulty sleeping and performing her work duties.  HealthSource performed x-rays of C.C.’s spine.  However, her imaging reports showed hypolordosis of the cervical spine. The reports indicated hyperlordosis of lumbar spine. There was an increase in lumbosacral disc angle indicating the presence of low back pain due to facet imbrication. Disc wedging with disc thinning were also seen. The right ilium was seen higher, relative to the left ilium.

C.C. was suffering from cervicalgia, sprain of ligaments of cervical spine, headaches, cramp and spasms, pain in the thoracic spine and low back pain. She got treatment with a course of chiropractic therapy.  Her treatment plan included chiropractic manipulative therapy, therapeutic modalities including therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and cryotherapy to remove fixations, to improve neurophysiological function and biomechanical functions of her spine. Hence, C.C. treated with HealthSource Chiropractic for a total of 16 visits over the course of six weeks.

Total Medical Bills: C.C.’s medical bills totaled approximately $3,550.95.

Lost Wages: C.C. made a claim for lost wages in the amount of $555.55.  As a result of this accident, C.C had to take time off from work due to her pain and suffering and in order to seek treatment.

Health Insurance: C.C. had health insurance at the time of the Arizona accident. She used it while treating for the injuries she sustained in this accident.  However, C.C.’s health insurance company did not seek reimbursement for any amount paid on C.C.’s behalf.

Client’s Car Insurance: C.C. had car insurance at the time of the accident through Allstate Insurance Company.  C.C. did not use her own car insurance to supplement her bodily injury settlement in this accident.

At-Fault Car Insurance: The at-fault driver had car insurance at the time of the accident through Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona. As a result, the farmers accepted full liability in this accident.

Final Settlement: C.C.’s total settlement was $5,300.00.  This settlement was reach about six and a half months after the accident occurred.


In conclusion, C.C. was happy with the results of her case.  She was able to seek the treatment. She need to return to the state of well-being. C.C. was in prior to the accident with no out of pocket cost.  She had her vehicle repaired and she received compensation for her pain and suffering.  Ultimately C.C. received around $1,500 for her bodily injuries in this settlement. The remainder was paying her medical bills and attorney’s fees and costs.  C.C. treated for a total of about 6 weeks as a result of the accident. Hence, They considered the final settlement just over 6 months after the date of the accident.

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