Accident Lawyer: Soft Tissue Injuries in Auto Accident Cases

What Does A Settlement Include in a Soft Tissue Auto Accident Case Spearheaded by an Accident Lawyer?


Auto Accident Victim: “F.R.” (all names are changing for privacy reasons), 25 years old, male, and full time employee.

The Accident Date: This accident occurred on April 30, 2016 around 9:30pm. The Accident Location: The accident happened at the intersection of West Chandler Boulevard and North Dobson Road, in Chandler, Arizona.

Accident Description:  F.R. was driving a 2012 Honda Civil and his wife in the passenger seat. They were traveling eastbound in the number two lane on Chandler Boulevard approaching Dobson Road. F.R. signaled to change lanes into the number 3 lane. So he could make a right hand turn onto southbound Dobson Road.  Before he was able to change lanes however, the at-fault driver changed from the number three lane into the lane F.R. was traveling in, colliding with F.R.’s vehicle and causing heavy damage.

Chandler Police Department responded to the accident and conducted an investigation.  Chandler Police interviewed F.R. and the at-fault driver.  The at-fault driver told the police that someone told him wrong path. Because he was talking to his passenger and made the lane change without properly looking.  The at-fault driver was cited as a result of the investigation.  Neither vehicle needed to be towed from the scene as both vehicles were still able to be driven. F.R. and his wife refused medical care at the scene of the accident.

Citation: The at-fault driver received a citation for violating ARS 28-729.1 unsafe lane usage. “A person shall drive a vehicle as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane. He shall not move the vehicle from that lane until the driver has first ascertained that the movement can be made with safety.”


How Medical Treatment Impacted F.R.’s Auto Accident Claim.

Medical Treatment: Four days after the collision as F.R.’s pain and discomfort persisted, he presented to AZ Spine Disc and Sport where he got treatment for with strain of muscle, fascia and tendon at neck, sprain of ligaments of cervical spine, strain of muscle and tendon of back wall, sprain of ligaments of thoracic spine, strain of muscle and tendon of front wall, sprains of ribs, strain of muscle,  and tendon of lower back, sprain of ligaments of lumbar spine, other muscle spasm, segmental and somatic dysfunction of cervical spine, segmental and somatic dysfunction of thoracic spine, segmental and somatic dysfunction of ribs, segmental and somatic dysfunction of lumbar spine and segmental and somatic dysfunction of pelvis.

AZ Spine Disc and Sport treated him with chiropractic manipulative treatment with therapeutic modalities such as chiropractic manipulations, hot/ice packs, myofascial release, electric muscle stimulation, massage, trigger point therapy and therapeutic exercises.  F.R. treated with AZ Spine Disc and Sport for a total of 12 visits over five weeks.

Total Medical Bills: F.R.’s medical bills totaled $2,112.50.

Lost Wages: F.R. made a claim for lost wages in the amount of $594.  F.R. was forced to take time off from his job due to pain resulting from the accident and in order to receive necessary treatment for his injuries.  F.R. claimed lost wages for a period of one month.

Health Insurance: F.R. did not use health insurance while treating for the injuries he sustained in this accident.

Client’s Car Insurance: F.R. had car insurance through Kemper Insurance, but the policy was liability only. The police was therefore did not seek additional compensation as a result of this accident.

At-Fault Car Insurance: The at-fault driver got Geico Casualty Company’s insurance.  Geico accepted full liability for this accident.

Final Settlement: F.R.’s total settlement was $8,500.


In conclusion, F.R. got satisfaction with the results of this case and the services of an Accident Lawyer.  He was able to have his vehicle repaired, receive the medical treatment necessary to return him to the state of wellness he was in prior to the accident. F.R. received compensation for the time he had to take off work.  He ultimately received around $3,000 for his bodily injuries in this settlement, the balance paying his medical bills and Accident Lawyer’s fees and costs.  The value of F.R.’s settlement was diminished by the limited amount of treatment he sought and the amount of time he waited to seek treatment.

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