Buzzed Driving in Arizona is Drunk Driving

buzzed driving

There are some who are opposite to Arizona’s tough stance on drunk driving and buzzed driving. Typically, the argument is not that there should be no laws against driving under the influence. But that Arizona’s laws are too strict as law enforcement officers got authorization under the law. They charge a driver with a DUI if they show any signs of impairment to the slightest degree. So, decision is on the basis of numerous factors that judge whether a driver is able for a safe drive.

What many opponents of the law may not realize? However, how many people believe that if their blood alcohol content is below 0.08%, they are not at all impaired. One or two drinks may not be sufficient for a person to get intoxication. But it can be more than enough for them to be impaired and be guilty of buzzed driving. Many states, including Arizona, are now stepping up their messages to the public that “buzzed driving is drunk driving”.

Epidemic of Buzzed Driving

According to the Ad Council, in 2012, crashes resulting from alcohol impairment killed 10,322 people. The studies show that there was a misperception among motorists. Like public service announcements (PSA) got directions at drivers who were over the legal blood alcohol limit. Comparative to someone who buzzed after having a few drinks. Therefore, this led to a new PSA campaign that highlighted the dangers of buzzed driving by showing that this was just as dangerous as driving drunk.

The research studies bolster PSAs across the country which shows that driving with a blood alcohol concentration of even 0.01 percent increases the likelihood of the driver being at fault for a car accident to 47 percent. One such study in California found that accident investigators were placing more blame on drivers who have alcohol in their system. This equates to buzzed driving. And that the amount of fault increased proportionally to the driver’s blood alcohol concentration.

Legal Effect

In Arizona, law enforcement officers reinforced the buzzed driving message since the introduction of DUI laws. As some states are beginning to look to lowering the legal alcohol limit from 0.08 to 0.05 or below, Arizona is poised to show the country that it is ahead of the curve. Arizona’s “impaired to the slightest degree” obviates the necessity of arguing whether lowering the legal limit. As it effectively reinforces the idea that any amount of any substance that causes a driver to be less than 100 percent while operating a motor vehicle is sufficient for a DUI.

In conclusion, Arizona’s DUI laws are tough for a good reason: to protect citizens from the harm of a reckless and negligent driver. If you or a loved one get injuries in a car accident, the lawyers at the Thompson Law Firm, PLLC can help. Regardless of whether the negligent driver was under or over the limit, our professionals can guide you through the court system and get you the help you and your family need.

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