Car Seat Defects and What They Mean for Your Family

Infants and toddlers are among the most vulnerable people in a car crash, and when their car seats are defective, the risks of injury and death increase exponentially. Even in minor accidents, these tiny children run the risk of suffering devastating and life-threatening injuries.

As a parent, you trust your car seat—and the car seat’s manufacturer—to protect your child when things go wrong on the road.

Unfortunately, some of those manufacturers don’t deserve your trust.

When Car Seats are More Dangerous than Safe

Sometimes manufacturers use poor designs or materials that are properly design; sometimes things slip through the cracks. Infant and toddler car seat manufacturers have successfully sued in the past for using flammable materials, weak shell designs and defective harnesses.

Generally, it takes someone getting hurt for manufacturers to discover (or admit) a flawed design and issue a recall. If a defective car seat has harmed your infant or toddler, it’s understandable that you want justice.

What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do for Your Family

Filing a lawsuit against a car seat manufacturer is a complicated process, and most people find that the best idea is to work with a local personal injury lawyer who’s familiar with the way the Phoenix and Chandler court systems work.

An attorney will evaluate your case and get to know you so she can understand what kind of compensation you’re seeking. If you have stacks of unpaid medical bills that you just can’t cover; you’re worried about your child’s future medical treatment or you need to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Arizona; she’ll discuss your options and gather all of the important details.

While nothing can erase the pain of seeing your child hurt; it can be helpful to know that speaking out against car seat manufacturers; who don’t put kids’ safety first will save other families from going through what you’ve endured. Don’t hesitate to set up a free initial consultation with us; – we pride ourselves on fighting for what’s right when corporations value profits over children’s lives.

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