Prevalence of Traffic Accidents: A Study of Gilbert, AZ

News media are in the business of selling stories.  Whether it is via newspaper subscriptions, or advertisements on local television news channels, a good story means more viewers and that translates into money.  If a news organization did not make money, it could not function and would not be in business.  What this can mean is that if something happens on the local level that is of particular interest; for example a car accident, the news will pay it extra attention.  If all a person does is watch or read news reports, it can be difficult for the average person to know how bad the traffic situation really is in a particular area.

Gilbert: Historical Data

According to one study that compiled traffic accident data for the city of Gilbert from 1993 to 2011, 1995 saw one of the highest fatal accident rates of recent history.  The average number of persons involved in fatal accidents across the country in 1995 was approximately 47 per 100,000 people; in Gilbert during that year 51 people were the part of fatal traffic accidents.  While many factors can contribute to such a high rate, it was clear that something needed to be done to curb this rate.  According to the same source, in 1996, less than 2 people per 100,000 population were the part of fatal accidents.  Clearly, something changed between 1995 and 1996 that helped Gilbert see one of the lowest rates of the two decades.

Gilbert Police Department Traffic Unit

What many people may not realize is that the Gilbert police department did not always have a traffic unit.  This unit was created in 1996 in an attempt to combat the rising levels of fatal and non-fatal traffic accidents occurring in the city.  Since its inception, the traffic unit operates with day and night teams of officers; whose job is to reduce collisions, injuries, and fatalities on Gilbert’s roadways.  The unit also has a special focus on the reduction of accidents resulting from motorists who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Gilbert Today

While motorists should always be cautious when driving around the Gilbert area; they should keep in mind that fatality rates from traffic accidents have not reached the highs seen in the early to mid-90s.  This may be at least partially attributable to the increased presence of specially trained traffic-focused law enforcement officers; and news reports can now focus their attention on certain accident-prone areas.  This is much better news for motorists as they can feel safe driving around their community; but still be knowledgeable about potential high-traffic areas of which they should be wary.


Citizens of Gilbert can take comfort in knowing that the streets are safer today than they may seem to be; if only you get some news reports.  However, accidents do happen and it is important to obtain the help of a professional to ensure your rights are protected in the event you or a loved one are injured in a traffic accident.  The attorneys at the Thompson Law Firm, PLLC are waiting for your call; and can provide the type of advice that comes with years of experience in Arizona personal injury and traffic laws.

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