4 Reasons not to talk to insurance companies

The commercials make them look so friendly. They’re on your team; they just want what’s best for you and your family.

We’re talking about insurance companies, of course. And your insurance company probably is on your team – but the other guy’s? That’s another story.

Insurance Companies’ Underhanded Tactics

After you’ve been in a car accident, the other insurance company’s representatives will likely be in touch with you. The best thing to do? Let them leave a message. Don’t return their calls.

There are four very serious reasons not to talk to insurance companies (other than your own, of course).

  1. They seem friendly, but they’re not. What insurance adjusters are trained to do is to get you to say something they can use against you in court. Their job is to save their company from having to pay you, even if their client is completely at fault for your accident and your injuries.
  2. They’re trying to take advantage of you. Unfortunately, many insurance adjusters will take advantage of the way you’re feeling right now. Most of us wouldn’t kick someone when they’re down, so we don’t expect others to do it to us; however, that’s what insurance adjusters are trying to do. They’re trying to get you to slip up when you’re at your most vulnerable.
  3. They can use your own statements against you. The worst part is that they’re recording everything you say. If your case goes to trial, their attorneys can use it against you in court. If you mistakenly said too much because you were confused, on painkillers or for any other reason, you could irreversibly damage your case.
  4. They may want to invade your privacy. An insurance adjuster might ask you to sign a medical release, claiming that they want to see the records about your injury (for your “benefit,” of course). However, what this really means is that you’re granting them access to all of your past medical records, and they’ll comb through them meticulously to see if they can find a similar injury.

Let your personal injury lawyer deal with the insurance companies. Besides, you need to focus on what’s really important: getting better and recovering from your injuries.

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