Preexisting Conditions and Lawsuits – What’s the Diagnosis

Taking an Arizona doctor or hospital to court for medical malpractice can be a nerve-wracking experience. You might wonder if your attorney will be able to prove that the doctor was at fault for what happened to you, or you might think that you don’t stand a chance because of preexisting conditions that confused the whole situation.

Let’s face it: the responsible party’s lawyer may claim that you had a preexisting condition; therefore you’re not entitled to damages. Fortunately, your attorney will go to bat for you in court to ensure that your side of story comes out.

Prior Injuries and Preexisting Conditions

Let’s say that your neck gets already injuries before your accident. During the accident, your neck muscles couldn’t properly support your head and further injury resulted. That may mean that if you hadn’t been in the accident, you’d still be on your way to recovery;—just as you were before the accident—and the accident may have made your condition worse.

Even if you are already on disability, you may still be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Remember, too, that injuries don’t just mean broken bones; you may have soft tissue injuries such as bruising, strains and sprains, you might have a traumatic brain injury or you may be suffering from other internal injuries. You may also be entitled to compensation if you are psychologically hurt, as well.

How Can My Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Your Phoenix personal injury lawyer will spend a significant amount of time reviewing your case after your free initial consultation. She’ll study what happened, how it happened and what physical condition you were in before the case; she’ll probably have a lot of questions for you, too (but don’t worry – a caring personal injury lawyer will come visit you in the hospital or at your home so you don’t have to put yourself through more physical pain).

The bottom line is to make sure your lawyer understands every aspect of your case. She’ll be able to build a strategy based on hard facts, which can help paint a picture for everyone involved and show very clearly how your recent injuries have negatively affected your life.

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